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2015- On September 28, at the Theatre Filodrammatici in Cremona the Choir takes part in the 4th Festival organized by “Centro Studi Amilcare Ponchielli” with the concert «Ponchielli and Verdi: prayers, dances and people’s songs».

- On July 4, concert at the Rowing Club Baldesio with sacred and secular music and opera choruses; in the second part famous film music for saxophone and piano and light music arranged by Federico Mantovani.  


  - On June 5, the Choir takes part in the 8th music festival «VOX POPULI» in Traversetolo (Parma) with sacred and secular music.

- On June 15, concert in Annicco with opera choruses, Spanish songs and light music. - On May 2, the Choir takes part in the music festival «Canticum Novum"».

  - On May 8, at the Auditorium “Giovanni Arvedi” of the Violin Museum in Cremona the Choir takes part in the music event «Music, Fire» on occasion of the 100th death anniversary of Aleksandr Skrjabin performing his symbolic and visionary Prometheus together with Gruppo Musica Insieme, Institute Monteverdi , Highschool Stradivari, Junior Highschool G.Vida and Music Highschool Gambara of Brescia, conducted by Vittorio Parisi.


   - On March 27, the Choir performs Te Deum laudamus by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Missa in angustiis, also known as Nelsonmesse, by Franz Joseph Haydn in the Cremona Cathedral.

   - On March 12, concert with the children choir of the Institute “Beata Vergine” in the Church San Pietro al Po in Cremona on occasion of the restoration work of the Crucified Christ by Bertesi.

2014 – On December 21, Christmas concert in the Abbey Santa Maria Assunta in La Spezia, organized by the Bishop of La Spezia and the local Concert Society.

  La Spezia

 - - On December 19, the Choir performs Messa di Gloria by Giacomo Puccini and a suite of Christmas carols in the Church San Michele Vetere in Cremona together with the children choir of the Institute “Beata Vergine”.

 - On December 13 and 14 December, exciting and unique experience in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Choir is invited by the humanitarian Association Napredak to perform Beatus Vir and Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi and a suite of Christmas carols in the National Theatre in Sarajevo with the Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Mostar Catholic Cathedral with the Symphonic Orchestra.


' ... l'emozione di cantare in una terra in cui dire che "la musica costruisce ponti di pace" non è retorica ... '
' La Guerra ti morde ancora ...'

- On November 23, the Choir performs Stabat Mater by Angelo Campori in the Cremona Cathedral on occasion of his first death anniversary.

  - On October 11, the Choir performs Messa di Gloria by Giacomo Puccini in Verolavecchia (Brescia) on occasion of the celebrations for Pope Paul VI.

 - In Fengo, Cicognolo and Regona di Pizzighettone concerts with sacred music from the 16th century till today.

- On June 24 in the aristocratic Villa Zaccaria and then at the Rowing Clubs Flora and Baldesio a series of summer concerts with opera choruses, spirituals and Spanish songs.

- On June 7, the Choir takes part in the festival «Canticum Novum» in the Church San Michele Vetere in Cremona.

 - On May 17, the Choir takes part in the music event «Festival Orvieto Musica e Cultura» performing the sacred cantata "Con Te" – Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem by Federico Mantovani in the Orvieto Cathedral with the actor Andrea Giordana..

....  listen 


- On April 11, the Choir performs Stabat Mater by Antonio Caldara and the cantatas Christ lag in Todesbanden (BWV4) and Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (BWV140) by Johann Sebastian Bach on occasion of the traditional Holy Week Concert in the Cremona Cathedral.

2013 – On March 19, Holy Week Concert in the Cremona Cathedral with sacred music by Mendelssohn and Haydn.

- On May 25, the Choir takes part in the music festival “Canticum Novum” performing sacred music by Van Berchem, Franck, Fauré, Concesa, Caifa, Caudana and Federico Mantovani.

- In June concert at the Rowing Club Baldesio in Cremona.

- In September the Choir takes part in the opera festival “Bel canto sotto le stele” in the courtyard “Federico II” in Cremona with music by Verdi, Ponchielli, Mascagni, Wagner, Spanish songs und Negro spirituals.

- On October 13, the Choir performs the sacred cantata Con Te – Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem by Federico Mantovani in the Cremona Cathedral at the end of the Year of Faith with lyrics taken from the Bible, Augustine, Ignatius of Antioch, Newman, Péguy, Testori, Turoldo and Rimaud. “After long time a great relief. The greatest joy comes out when your music turns into the performance, when it comes out of the silence of your solitary work to share the beautiful strains with everyone. So the music is free to fly and reach everyone who wants to meet it” (Federico Mantovani).

- On November 16, the Choir takes part in the mass in the Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City and on November 17 in the Church of Saint Luke and Martine at the Imperial Fora with the choirs of San Bassano and Casalmorano.

- In December Christmas concerts in Olmeneta and Casalmorano.

- On December 22, Christmas concert in the Church of Saint Michael in Cremona with Gloria and Magnificat by Antonio Vivaldi together with the pupil choir of the Cremona primary school “Beata Vergine”.

2012 – On October 14, concert on the opening of the Year of Faith with Missa Solemnis KV139 and Vesperae de Dominica K321 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Cremona Cathedral; several concerts outside the Province of Cremona (in Verolanuova, Verolavecchia, Gavardo) and Christmas concerts both in Cremona with Magnificat and Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi and in other suburbs.

2011 – The Choir keeps on performing its repertoire in suburbs, schools, also with special concerts on occasion of the 150th Jubilee of Italian Unity; on December 18, the Choir also presents Accendere, attendere, a modern Advent oratorio with music by Federico Mantovani and lyrics by the contemporary poet Davide Rondoni in the Cremona Cathedral.

2011 - On May 4, the Choir performs Missa choralis for soloists, choir and orchestra by Franz Liszt for the musical season Canticum Novum in Our Lady’s Church in Roggione-Pizzighettone.

2010 - On December 19, resuming a tradition started in 1976, Coro Polifonico Cremonese performs Missa n.5 by Franz Schubert along with several Christmas carols.

2010 – On occasion of the 50th death anniversary of Father Primo Mazzolari, the Choir performs La più bella avventura, a sacred cantata for speaker, soloists and orchestra, with music by Federico Mantovani and lyrics by Mazzolari.

2010 – On June 29, the Choir takes part in a concert on the Terraces of the Milan Cathedral for the music festival Viviilduomo.

2010 – On April 23, the Choir performs Vergine Madre, a sacred cantata for speaker, soloists, choir and orchestra by Federico Mantovani on occasion of the fourth centenary of the Suore della Beata Vergine congregation (Cremona, 1610).

2009 – Concert for the opening of an exhibition of Picasso’s drawings and two concerts for Mendelssohn and Haydn’s centenaries with Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein, Lauda Sion op.73 and Missa Sancti Nicolai.

In June, the Choir takes part in the International Festival for Sacred Music in Rome (in the Papal Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls), organized by Elwin Raymer. Sole Italian choir to be invited, our ensemble takes part in the preliminary stages, under the direction of Federico Mantovani, and in the gala performance with other 430 choristers from all over the world for the closing of the 25th festival edition (Programme: Te Deum by Franz Joseph Haydn and Messa di Gloria by Giacomo Puccini). On September 22, the Choir performs a series of musical works by Antonio Vivaldi with Tokyo Houptchor.

2008 – A great number of schemes featured the choir 40th anniversary, e.g. a performance in Cremona cathedral of A.Dvorjak’s Stabat Mater and the publication of a book gathering deeds and considerations on the choir story, along with essays and personal notes. By invitation of the Teatro Ponchielli, at the end of the opera season, Puccini’s Messa di Gloria was performed, on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

2007  - The most significant events of this year relate to the commemoration of the 9th centenary of Cremona cathedral: the performance of M.o Mantovani’s cantata “Pauper Pauperum” (dedicated to the patron saint Omobono) and a concert for the unveiling of the newly restored St. Michael’s altar.

2006 – By Mozart’s Requiem, on the bill of the Festival Terre d’Acqua and of the one called Musica di Fine Estate, the choir intended to celebrate Mozart’s 250th birth anniversary (concerts at Viadana, Pandino and in Cremona cathedral).

2005 – The choir closed commemorations for Petrarca’s birth 5th centenary with an original musical program on lyrics of the great poet from Arezzo, including some premieres. In September, the Coro Polifonico Cremonese also performed Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle in Alaquàs Castle, near Valencia (Spain), on behalf of the municipality of Cremona, within a european cultural scheme. Brahm’s “Deutsches Requiem” was also performed, during the same year, in Cremona cathedral, accompanied by Verona Philharmonic Orchestra.

2004 – A vocal style laboratory, supported by “W:Stauffer” musicology centre, and various performances in the provinces documented choir and master’s care for musical education and diffusion. Lots of choristers, coming from town and province, could therefore attend Michela Zaccaria’s pronunciation lessons, as well as Antonella Soana and Enrica Fabbri’s vocal training and style lessons. At Easter, Perosi’s “Passione secondo San Marco” was performed, along with M.o Mantovani’s composition specifically dedicated to his choir.

2001 – A performance at the opera theatre “A.Ponchielli” of a concert for Verdi.

2002 -  Ponchielli’s “Messa Solenne” performed at the Ponchielli theatre.

1998 – With the “Musica Insieme” Group for a Strawinsky program and the season “Spazionovecento”.

1997 – Artur Honegger’s oratorio “Le Roi David” (Cremona cathedral).

1996 -  Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana, (theatre “A. Ponchielli” – Cremona), end result of a two-years choral training laboratory.

1995 – A Gregorian chant and polyphonic concert dedicated to G.P. da Palestrina and O. di Lasso, together with Antonella Soana’s “Schola Gregoriana”.